Who We Are

Consciously High is brought to you by Consciousness Research Institute (CRIORG.institute). The institute's mission is the make sense of the human mind, and to deliver quality educational content related to its findings. It was founded by Aerez Batat - an independent researcher, author, and the developer of Consciousness Polarization Theory - a groundbreaking paradigm of thought in practical metaphysics. 

In CRIORG.Institute we believe that it is the birthright of every human to use consciousness expanding substances to develop their mind, body and spirit. Since psychedelics shift our perception of time and space, we believe them to be an excellent tool of consciousness research. We are fascinated by questions such as "why does time seems to pass slower/faster under the influence of cannabis?", or "why does DMT causes a psychedelic experience that is always geometric in nature?" etc. 

We focus on thought experiments and theoretical research, as well as legal experiments in metaphysics using consciousness shifting substances. We attempt to understand the direct human experience of time, sensory input, memory, reason, imagination, as well as the nature of elevated states of consciousness.

CRIORG.institute is based in Spokane, WA as well as in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Our Approach to Cannabis

We believe that cannabis is an amazing tool for consciousness development, emotional support, pain management, and - in some cases - healing of physiological and psychological disease. As such, we believe it should be fully legalized. That said, even a kitchen knife can be used to make a great meal or as a weapon. Like all other tools, cannabis can be dangerous if abused.

Cannabis addiction is real - it is estimated that 10% of all cannabis users suffer from some form of addiction, and as many as 25% overuse the substance in some way. 

We believe that it is the personal responsibility of every cannabis user to research the topic and pay attention to the impact of the substance on their body, mind and spirit. As such, we ask that you read this important message