Consciously High is a four week program designed to change your cannabis consumption habits. It includes a three-week guided tolerance break.

About Your Instructor

Erez Batat is a metaphysicist and consciousness researcher specializing in the mechanism of our mental perception of reality. He is the author of It's About Time, in which he explains how our perception of time impacts our cognitive abilities. For over a decade, Batat researched the impact of cannabis on human reasoning abilities, our imagination and our memory

Batat is the founder of Consciousness Research Institute in Spokane, WA. He currently speak, consults and teaches in Israel, as well as leads cannabis dependency workshops. Batat supported  hundreds of people in the process of achieving freedom from cannabis dependency, and is convinced he can help you do the same.


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You've tried to quit, but couldn't. It's time to try something else.

I've seen it over and over again - people try to quit cannabis and fail. It is as if we are two people - one that wants complete clarity, and one that wants to smoke all the time. it is time to make peace between them by learning the art of moderation.